The Camping With Cradle outdoor mentoring program is a means for young adults to become more familiar with the outdoors. The program is designed as a group mentoring model; each outing will allow a group of approximately 6-8 youth to experience an outdoor trip.

Each group of youth meets at a designated camp site for a weekend outing. Prior to the outing, programming will take place to discuss what is to be expected and what is to be gained. Outdoor camping sessions focus on team building, outdoor skills, environmental education, and school support.

Since the summer of 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we are committed to finding new and creative ways for youth in the Charlotte community to experience the outdoors close to home. North Carolina State Parks are the perfect environment for our small group sizes and we can facilitate engaging group discussions and socially distanced activities, while keeping youth and mentors safe.

Our comprehensive learning model focuses on creative ways under-exposed youth can experience the outdoors in their own way. We are a 501c3 designated organization that is dedicated to helping underserved youth discover the great outdoors and develop life skills that attach themselves to social mobility.